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Restorative Yoga Mini-Retreat

Ladies, come and feel deeply nourished from the inside out with this luscious, bliss-filled class of comfortable nurturing poses, guided meditation, beautiful poetry and soothing music. You will leave this class feeling cleansed, deeply nourished and ready for life ahead.

No yoga experience or flexibility is necessary.

Online Yoga

From the ease and comfort of your own home, experience the healing benefits of a regular yoga practice with classes tailored to your specific needs. Have this time completely for yourself, or have friends and family members join in with you. Make staying healthy easy for yourself and click below to learn more about how this option can work for you.

Corporate Yoga

Wellness days at work can boost productivity through greater job satisfaction and improving overall well-being. Restorative Yoga in the work place is growing world-wide as an powerful and easy way to unwind. One session can feel like the most amazing massage, and all for the fraction of the price of hiring a masseuse to individually work on your team.


Yoga For Women’s Health and Vitality, Dayboro

A deeply nourishing practice.

 Modern day living is fast-paced; we are always doing, achieving, and pushing ourselves to be bigger and better. For a woman’s body, this is incredibly stressful and creates various imbalances which affect our sleep, weight, digestion, libido, menstrual cycle, ability to cope, to get pregnant, and menopause.

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What other people say about these classes…

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A little insight into my journey so far

I experienced my first yoga class in 1999 and it was instant love. But like any great

love affair it had its ebbs and flows. Then in 2009, I became  very stressed while working on with refugees in Thailand due to the high emotional demands and constant striving to promote change within an imperfect system. My body was not happy, my mind jammed  with my to-do-list,  and my heart was craving more than what my life currently offered.